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Nomon applied new black finish on its complementary furniture collection. Nomon Home and started with the presentation of novelties  of Valet Stand M and Valet Stand W in Salone Mobile Milano 2018.

Nomon Home and Black Color – Fall in Love at First Sight

New black finish applied on Nomon Home Collection

By Nomon 06/18

Have you ever focused on what color is the most applied one in furniture field? I think the answer must be black. Because of its adaptability, it is extremely easy to be selected. Someone loves it as a versatile choice. On another hand, someone discards it for the lack of personality. But nobody can’t deny that black is the most classic and popular color through design and art history. Coco Chanel thought “it is the perfect harmony” while Yves Saint Laurent gave his best words to it: “I love black because it affirms, designs and style.” When all design world goes crazy about color black, why would we be left behind? For this reason, the connection between Nomon Home and black color is applied on our new collection. Do you want to know how do we manage to do it?


Nomon brought brand new black finish to iSaloni Milano this year. Some Nomon lovers must already know, appreciating the natural warm finish and veining of walnut has become almost a tradition among  Nomon team. But like every year, we need to innovate and go even further and deeper. Given to a potential limit – non sense of using natural solid walnut in stained black, we have decided to choose ash wood to restart this idea. And then it turns out to be a “revolutionary” change: one whole Nomon Home Collection made of stained black ash wood.  Sounds really great, right?

From other hand, one thing stands out during the creating process: since the finish has been updated, lots of complementary pieces must also be modified in order to get everything in harmony. That’s how we came across Sahara Noir marble with its orange and white minimalism veinings. It did take us a while to realize that we are creating unique item just because of the existence of marble. But Nomon loves surprise! Nomon Home and black color, fall in love at very first sight.


After seeing how was all of this being accepted in Milan, Nomon can’t wait to share this news here with all of you. But one thing for sure, like what Mr. Henry Ford said “You can have any color, as long as it’s black.”If you want to know more detail about black finish, please visit Nomon Home website.

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